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Everything has a beginning and with websites like this sometimes it can be a bit of pain deciding where to start so hopefully this section will help be a guide as to where things should start from. There are times in life when we feel like we just can’t seem to change certain areas of our lives or feel that we just can’t seem to start that new hobby because we just don’t have the time, the energy, the motivation or some other reason.

As time goes on our goals dreams and hobbies seem to get further and further away from us and some day becomes never. You find that you’re constantly giving but you just aren’t making time for yourself or giving yourself any form of self affection. That is why I want to talk about the importance of self love. I won’t go deep into it here because you can read about it here, In short you can’t give what you don’t have and everything we do in life, everything we want in life begins within us.

We are the authors of our own lives and although there are many things in life we can’t control we can control the thoughts in our heads and the images we hold and create there. The images in our heads are a combination of our experiences, our emotions and our beliefs. What we define as reality is an experience that is filtered based on our values, memories and images we hold in our minds. Its the reason why two people can experience the exact same event but have radically different views on the same event. Change your thoughts, you change your beliefs and that is why I want to introduce you to guided meditation

What is guided meditation

This is basically a meditation session where you’re guided by a teacher. The teacher will usually guide you by telling you how to make yourself comfortable and how to breathe and then encourage you to let go as they talk you through the process.

If you’re a beginner this can be especially useful to have a hold your hand type of approach to meditation as it provides direction and allows you to stay in the moment

The benefits of guided meditation

In a world where so much of our attention is divided and where multi tasking is something that is expected in order to make our day to day lives work we tend to focus so much on everything externally that we forget to live in the moment.

Guided meditation allows you to slow down and focus inwards on your thoughts, your body and your emotions so it helps to reconnect you with your inner being

How does guided meditation help me

Our perception of reality is largely determined by the images we hold in our heads these images are usually connected with feelings which is why two people can experience the exact same thing and have very different views on the same event. Guided meditation helps by getting us to focus on images and sounds as well as guiding the imagination to experience all our senses.

This gives the brain an experience that feels as real as any memory in our heads. That experience results in the creation of new neural pathways which affect our entire body


If the images we hold in our heads and the emotions associated with them help to mold our perceptions how do we even get to the point where those images become that important to us.

Everything that happens around us is filtered by our experiences, assumptions and beliefs which help to form certain images and hence our perception of the world around us.For instance if you took a soldier and a nurse to a battlefield they would experience the same things but notice very different things.

A soldier would be looking out for possible sniper positions and places where they can take cover. A nurse would see the wounded and the injured and everyday objects that can be used for first aid. Perception drives our actions.

Our beliefs are housed in the subconscious mind and hypnosis can help to alter those beliefs by giving instructions to the subconscious but first we have to get past the gatekeeper. The conscious mind is the gate keeper to the subconscious but to bypass the conscious mind it has to be in a state of sleep which is dealt with as part of the hypnosis process

Hypnosis can help with things like limiting beliefs, phobias, eliminating habits or even starting new habits
Below I have attached a few guided meditations for you to experience and see for yourself how it works there are more topics available in the shop and I will be adding more meditations and self hypnosis sessions on this page so hopefully you’ll comeback and check out this page for any updates

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