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"Everyday is an opportunity to recreate yourself"

About me

There is an old Chinese proverb that states “that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. In life we go through many challenges and some of those challenges can change and even define who we are. Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning we give it we can’t control people, situations or circumstances but we can control how we feel and how we act when those challenges come our way   

What we believe on the inside is mirrored by what we will do on the outside. For instance there was an athlete named Richard Douglas Fosbury who competed in the high jump in high school but couldn’t jump pass the 5 foot mark which was the standard requirement to be able to compete. Richard Fosbury didn’t give up and he created a better way to jump over the high jump bar which earned him the world record at the 1968 Olympics as he cleared a height of 7 feet and 4 inches and his way of jumping became the new and only way that future athletes would compete in the high jump. Richard Fosbury revolutionised the high jump because he believed he could

Its amazing how much love we have for things and the passion we can put into things other than ourselves and we can achieve things we didn’t even believe we could but we also need to direct that kind of love to ourselves. 

Self Love isn’t vein or arrogant it’s the key to keep depression and anxiety at bay, the key to maintaining mental health and well being 

That is what this blog is about learning to accept who we are, accepting where we’ve come from and knowing that its OK that we’re not perfect. I’m on that journey too and i’m just using this blog to share things I’ve learnt and continue to learn. I’ve read books written by people who have achieved great things and changed many lives like Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Tony Buzzan, Louise Hay, Rhonda Byrne 

I’ve used methods like tiny habits to start new habits like exercising, meditation, yoga and drawing and it all begins by working from the inside out and hopefully what I have on this site will help you too

Disclaimer (I’m definitely not an expert in any of the topics I write about! Everything is based on my own opinions, experiences and research)


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